At 385 Studios We Believe Music is Family and Family is life

We want to support our artists and musicians as much as possible. Our goal is to create a studio that goes beyond the studio and feels more like a creative home. We want to provide the resources our musicians need to go forward and be respected locally and internationally. What’s more important is those moments of brilliance artists and musicians strive for get captured in-studio, so they can be distributed across all musical platforms and heard by listeners around the world. Music has the power to inspire change and create hope and WE THINK THAT’S A BIG DEAL! Our job is to make sure we service your art in the highest quality by capturing those moments through: world class recording equipment, the finest musical instruments, and extremely knowledgeable staff. This will ultimately empower every artist and musicians to use 385 Studios as the vehicle to get where they want to- musically.

So, what do you want the world to hear?

Why we stand out

World Class Equipment at exceptional value

385’s Impressive Equipment List Guarantees that whatever project size and genre of music your working on your Audio quality will be first class and most importantly affordable to your budget.

Work with Talented Staff.

At 385 Studios our staff have worked on all styles of music and we dedicated to work tirelessly to make sure you are satisfied with every aspect of your project, we will do whatever it takes to make sure it is amazing.

An Efficient Studio is a productive Studio.

Prior to recording we discuss your project at length to ensure that when you are in studio we have a tailored recording game plan to achieve your Musical goals whilst remaining efficient with time and your budget.


Your Opinion Matters.

At 385 Studios we understand just how important the Artist’s input is. Our Studio ensures your creative ideas and decisions get heard.

Humans are instruments too.

At 385 studios we take pride in capturing performance, our production skillset makes sure you achieve the best musical Performance you are capable of delivering.

Location is Everything

Located on Newcastle Street in the Heart of Northbridge 385 Studios is conveniently situated close to various cafes and restaurants nearby, our Private Gated Onsite Parking gives you peace of mind so you can focus on what you do best.

385 studios

The Perth Recording Studios for Passionate Musicians


Open 7 Days for Bookings Until Late.  Bookings Essential

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