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As a recording studio in Perth, we know the importance of supporting the local music scene. Local gigs are a great way to discover new talent and support the community, and we believe that 385 Studio can play an important role in fostering the growth of Perth’s music scene.

Attending local gigs is not only a great way to discover new artists, but it’s also a way to network and connect with other musicians and industry professionals. As a recording studio, we understand the value of building relationships with local musicians and supporting them in their careers. By attending local gigs and getting to know the local music community, we can offer our services to up-and-coming artists and help them achieve their goals.

Some Upcoming Gigs in Perth 2023

  1. March 12th – John Butler Trio at HBF Stadium
  2. March 19th – Ruel at Metro City
  3. March 27th – Hilltop Hoods at HBF Stadium
  4. April 2nd – Ocean Alley at Fremantle Arts Centre
  5. April 9th – Tame Impala at RAC Arena
  6. April 16th – Lime Cordiale at Metro City
  7. April 23rd – Julia Stone at Fremantle Arts Centre
  8. May 1st – Something for Kate at Astor Theatre
  9. May 7th – DMA’s at HBF Stadium
  10. May 14th – The Cat Empire at Fremantle Arts Centre


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Whether you’re an up-and-coming artist looking to record your first demo or an established musician ready to take your career to the next level, 385 Studio is here to help. Our experienced team of engineers and producers will work closely with you to capture your unique sound and bring your vision to life.

And with so many great local gigs coming up, there’s no better time to start recording your music than now. Whether you’re looking to book a gig yourself or simply looking for inspiration, the Perth music scene has something for everyone. So why wait? Contact 385 Studio today and let us help you take your music to the next level.

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