Ed Sheeran has recorded on the ssl 6000.

Back in Perth to Perform in Front of 75000 at Optus Stadium and Break Local Records.

Ed Sheeran, the British singer-songwriter, is set to make history this Sunday, March 12th 2023, when he takes to the stage at the Optus Stadium in Perth, Australia. The concert is expected to attract a record-breaking crowd of 75,000 fans, which is a testament to Sheeran’s popularity and talent. However, it is not only his live performances that have earned him critical acclaim; his recording style and the recording studios he has used over his career have also contributed to his success.

Sheeran is known for his unique approach to recording, which often involves using a loop pedal to layer different sounds and create a rich, full-bodied sound. He has described his recording process as “organic,” preferring to use a combination of live instrumentation and digital production techniques to create his signature sound. This approach has earned him critical acclaim, and his music has been praised for its raw emotion and authenticity.

Throughout his career, Sheeran has recorded in a variety of different studios, each with its unique character and equipment. One of the most notable studios he has worked in is the famed Abbey Road Studios in London, where he recorded some of his biggest hits, including “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill.” The studio is known for its iconic history and impressive array of vintage equipment, including the coveted SSL 6000 mixing console, (which we use)  which Sheeran has used in some of his recordings.

In addition to Abbey Road, Sheeran has also recorded in other studios around the world, including Electric Lady Studios in New York City, where he recorded his album “+,” and Rak Studios in London, where he recorded his album “X.” Each studio has contributed to his unique sound, with its distinct acoustics and equipment.

Overall, Sheeran’s recording style and the studios he has worked in have been instrumental in shaping his music and contributing to his success. 

His use of live instrumentation, combined with digital production techniques, has created a sound that is both authentic and contemporary. And his willingness to experiment with different studios and equipment has allowed him to create music that is both timeless and innovative.

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